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What is your data telling you?

Companies today are turning to advanced analytics for business growth. But what is your data telling you? If it’s not giving you answers and actionable goals you’re doing it wrong. Commerce Objects has spent over 20 years helping companies grow through automation and revenue generation with creative data solutions.

Sales Consulting

Identify, organize and execute proven sales processes that work.

Data Driven Sales

Identify the pillars of growth through innovation, risk and synergy. 

Using your company data, we provide real-time actionable data that drives growth.


Positive Sales Outcomes

Navigating the sales waters today is part art and science. Knowing when to trust your past successes to influence your future outcomes requires knowledge and skill of sales and technology.


Sales Analytics

Predicting positive sales/marketing outcomes is helpful but having the roadmap on where to go and what to do makes your path to growth more realisitic.


Sales Automation

Successful sales people know how to use the trap doors, secret bookcases and wormholes that get them to their outcome faster and effectively. To compete today you need sales agility that comes with creating effective sales automation processes.


Sales Innovation

If you’re happy with your sales we wish you luck. If you think there’s room to improve let’s talk!

Today’s sales environment is frantic. You need every advantage you can to create more efficiencies and insights to move fast and capture sales opportunities. COI helps create a sales process that focuses on growth. 

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Sales and marketing is evolving to allow more insights through customer data. COI helps map out the right path that helped us increase sales over 50%!
Michael Webster
VP Sales
Digital sales consultants are the way of the future. Letting data and technology work for you to predict outcomes faster, cheaper and better is what COI does best.
Sam Wilder
VP Marketing