Our Approach

Top line growth can be challenging. COI works with early stage to established companies to identify growth opportunities and map out specific actions that contribute to positive sales outcomes.


Since 1998 Commerce Objects has worked with leading brands to provide the expertise that help run their operations smoothly. We partner with the best and brightest to make our customers lives easier by providing top notch solutions that are on time and on budget.


Our leaders bring years of proven business knowledge that help you crack the code. Together we’ve build a modest but successful and effective team of business marketing technologists that understand the headwinds and tailwinds of technology and how they can work best for your organization.

Joe Cashman


Joe Cashman is a serial entrepreneur and has been a senior sales professional for more than 25 years. A founder Commerce Objects, Inc., Joe has helped retailers and brands, including Sears, Kmart, Kenmore, Craftsman, and La-Z-Boy, increase revenue and profit lift through the creation and integration of personalized recommendation systems. Prior to founding Commerce Objects, Inc., Joe was the CEO and founder of Community Season, which was later acquired. Joe’s early career was spent at Best Buy and Northgate Computers, and he was one of the first employees at SPS Commerce, where he grew revenue from start up to $10+ million annually as Director of Sales/Marketing. An alum of St. John’s University, Joe lives in St. Paul, Minnesota and enjoys running, golfing, and playing the drums.

Don Yao


Don Yao has been part of a number of start ups including Mt. Merchant and has more than two decades of experience delivering quality technology solutions to the retail industry. Don’s career began at Best Buy, where he led development of the retailer’s next generation point of sale (POS) system. The founder of multiple software consulting firms, including Xing Enterprise Consulting, Ocean of One, and Fengxing Software, Don has managed a steady flow of multi-million-dollar projects focused on building critical systems for high transaction companies. Don is an expert in outsourced development and global resource optimization, and in five years, he grew his software firm Fengxing Software to $10+ million in annual revenue. Don holds four technology patents in China, an M.S. in Transportation and Automated Highway Systems from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Hunan University.